How to choose soy milk to get the benefits?

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For safety and for the body to get the most benefit from drinking soy milk. This article has tips for buying and drinking soy milk.

1. Read the label before purchasing. Because each brand of product may have different quantities and nutrients. Reading labels will help you choose products that are more suitable for you. For example, if you want to increase protein, you should choose that is high in protein. If you are in the process of losing weight, you should choose products that provide low energy UFABET 

2. Choose a formula without added sugar. Although has health benefits, But the products on sale often have sugar added to enhance the taste. If the body receives too much sugar, it can cause more harm to health than good. Therefore, you should choose a formula without added sugar in order for your body to receive full benefits.

3. Choose that contains a variety of grains. Because although most Thai people are very familiar with soy milk. But people who don’t like the smell may try choosing products mixed with other grains, such as black sesame, brown rice, malt extract, or multigrain, which may help reduce the smell of soy milk. Makes it easier to drink You may also receive a wider variety of nutrients.

4. Choose a formula that adds nutrients. This is because soybeans naturally contain very little calcium. To compensate for that, you should choose with added calcium. and other nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids to benefit from drinking more soy milk.