Hungry late at night and eat before bed How does it affect health?

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The habit of Hungry late at night can have a negative impact on your health. Because eating too much will make you feel uncomfortable. And also have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep. In the long run, it may increase the risk of chronic gastrointestinal diseases like acid reflux disease.

Another problem with eating late at night and overeating is weight gain. This can lead to chronic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. UFABET  Many people have probably heard that during sleep, The digestive system and metabolism will work less. If we eat before going to bed Food will not be digested and will not be used for energy. But it will become fat instead. 

When you read up to this point, you may feel afraid and worried. But according to scientific evidence. This information has not yet been confirmed. Including the belief that Hungry late at night makes you gain weight faster. Unless you’re eating so much that you’re getting more calories than you should be consuming per day.

However, some scientific studies indicate that. Eating a small meal before bed may help you sleep better. Especially those who have insomnia. Studies also show that eating easily digestible, nutritious foods before bed can stimulate your metabolism after waking up.

How are late-night hunger symptoms and the behavior of eating before bedtime causing harm or good? It is still a topic of debate among experts and scientists. Therefore, to reduce the risk of certain health problems. You should choose to eat nutritious food. In the right amount and easily digested.