Hargreaves says Bellingham is the best in the world.

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Jude Bellingham is the best player in the world right now based on his current form according to former Three Lions football player Owen Hargreaves.

Former England midfielder Owen Hargreaves has hailed Jude Bellingham. As the best player in the world at the moment considering the 20-year-old’s current form. With eight goals and three assists. West has played nine games in all competitions with Real Madrid. An incredible feat in just six weeks. According to a report from TNT Sports on Wednesday UFABET

Hargreaves said:

‘He’s the best player in the world right now. In current form,’ Hargreaves said of Bellingham. ‘I know it’s just the beginning. But we just heard the numbers: 9 games, 8 goals, 3 assists. He didn’t even play his position. He’s not a No.10 and he scores goals like a No.9 instead of [Karim] Benzema.’

‘The good thing about Jude is his ability to go to the next level. Birmingham, Dortmund and now Real Madrid. He’s taken it in stride and he’s gotten better. It’s amazing what he’s doing.’

Meanwhile, former England defender Joleon Lescott, a TNT Sports pundit, believes Bellingham is a Galactico in the eyes of Madrid fans.

‘I think he is, none of them, he’s definitely a Galactico.’ Lescott said. ‘I think they [Real Madrid] are aware of that as well.’

‘There are surprises in terms of numbers. But if I’m being honest, Wherever I see Jude play, wherever he plays He seems efficient.’

‘Whether it’s as a No. 9 or not because he’s had a spell with Dortmund, he’s got the ball and he’s got people down. He then also played as a number 8 or 6’.

‘I just think he’s a phenomenal footballer and understands the game at a level he probably shouldn’t at his age. But he played with a lot of maturity and presence. And you’ll see his teammates embrace him.’

‘This is not just any ordinary team. But this is the biggest club in the world.’