How to play fish shooting game for money

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How to play fish shooting game for money not as difficult as you think Just aim the gun at the target fish. and then fired a bullet to kill the fish. However, how to play so that you win the jackpot every time? Importantly, it requires very little investment, requires the following fish shooting game formulas. ทางเข้า UFABET

1. Save ammo

     Playing fish shooting games without losing money You’ll need to conserve ammo. Focus on shooting fish that score a lot and not necessarily the fish that die slowly. because the slower the death For example, a fish with 4 points, but takes 2-3 bullets is more cost-effective than a fish with 10 points and fires 7-8 rounds, so use the ammunition-saving formula. will make you play for a long time and get more points

2. Use angles to your advantage.

     For newbies who just started playing fish shooting game for money may not be able to capture the point Therefore, focusing on the big fish, of course, is a waste of ammunition play, so the technique of playing fish shooting games for newbies Use the angle of the fish-shooter to your advantage. By turning the barrel around and then more and more shots at a time. so that the bullets go in different directions will get points from that fish And there is a chance that the fish will die easier.

3. Focused shooting

     All players are advised to shoot slowly, do not panic. Because if you focus on the big fish will save more ammunition. Plus, you don’t have to run out of ammo on small fish or special fish, so focus on the big fish. Especially if you can shoot with multiple players. It will cause the big fish to die faster. Get more special bonuses than usual