Nuebel agent wants to leave Bayern Munich.

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Alexander Nuebel does not want to be just Manuel Neuer’s back-up and wants to leave Bayern Munich this football summer.

Stefan Bucks, the agent for Alexander Nübel has confirmed the 26-year-old goalkeeper wants to leave Bayern Munich this summer. Because he does not want to be just a substitute for Manuel Neuer. According to a report from ‘Sport 1’ on Thursday. 

Nuebel has been on the bench for Neuer since his free transfer from Schalke in the summer of 2020. He has only made four appearances in goal for the 2020-21 season ahead of the Tigers South will send Nuebel to join Monaco on a two-year loan deal. He is set to return to Bayern from July 1. But the 26-year-old’s agent insists the players under his care want to. Moved from the club this summer. Because he didn’t want to drink water under the elbow Neuer. UFABET 

‘We always said it didn’t make sense for Alex to come back to Bayern as long as Manuel Neuer was there. That’s why I’m looking for a new club for Alex. A club that will take him as far as possible.’

said the Bucks. 

According to previous reports, Bayern Munich are planning to release Nuebel from the team as well. But the club are trying to make sure they can secure buy-back clauses in the future. But if it doesn’t happen, a loan move is also a possibility. Because the player still has a contract until 2025

Bucks added, ‘For now, Nuebel needs to play and hopefully we can find a destination with the highest level of play possible. Especially teams playing in the Champions League or Premier League clubs.’ 

It is clear current Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel will hand Neuer the No. 1 goalkeeper spot, who has returned to full fitness after breaking his leg during a skiing run at the end of last year. And it is unclear if Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer will stay or leave the club this summer. But the Southern Tiger team still has Sven Ulchei as another backup role for Neuer.