OFFICIAL: Kane has withdrawn from England and return to Bayern Munich.

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OFFICIAL: Kane has withdrawn from England and returned to Bayern Munich.

  • Kane holds the title of England’s top scorer with a record of 89 games and 62 goals.
  • He was counted injure. Before England’s loss to Brazil.
  • The player will still be the main force for the Three Lions in Euro 2024 if his physical condition is perfect.

Harry Kane, the main striker for the England national team สมัคร ufabet Traveled from the national team camp back to Bayern Munich after suffering an ankle injury during national team practice. and missed both national team games in this round

The 30-year-old striker was injure and missed the game against the Brazilian national team. 

Which ended in a 1-0 defeat by England amid the spotlight on Endrik, the youngster-prospective Real Madrid player who scored the game-winning goal at the age of just 17. While Kane There is no name in this game. And will definitely miss another game against the Belgian national team.

“Kane not fit for Tuesday game. And he will go back to Bayern Munich,” Southgate said after the game with Brazil.

Kane’s absence will present an opportunity for the remaining three strikers in this round, consisting of Ollie Watkins, Ivan Toney and Marcus Rashford, in the game against Belgium. March 26, 2024

Gareth Southgate believes Harry Kane’s move to Bayern Munich. Will benefit England and stop the striker being unsettled by questions over his club future during next summer’s European Championship. England’s head coach is excited about the effect joining the German champions will have on his captain, Especially as the former Tottenham forward had to deal with off-field distractions at Euro 2020. Kane went into that tournament having made it clear. He wanted to leave Spurs, who refused to sell him to Manchester City, and he struggled during the group stage.